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Privacy policy

Our privacy policy lets our customers and visitors know what information we gather and what we do with it.
Identifying Personal Information

Order Information
We only gather information that visitors to are willing to give. Some of it is required to fulfill orders (like name, shipping address, and phone number) or to maintain accounts (such as customer account) and we ask for some information so that we can provide better service (contact information like email address and phone number etc.).

We keep all the email we receive and send so that we can find all the information we need about particular order histories.

We send email to customers only if it concerns a specific order or question, or if the customer has opted to receive promotional emails.

Privacy maintains a strict privacy protocol for all customer information. Occasionally, we email our customers to let them know about tracking numbers, offers, photos, and anything else that related to your current orders.

Sharing Information with Third Parties
We do not share our customers' personal information with anyone.

Non-Identifying Information
We do not collect any financial information like credit card numbers or personal information like social security numbers on this site. We only collect all kinds of statistics about visits to our site, where the visitors came from, what they did and viewed during their visit.

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